11 Nov : 12:01
yo noonie

11 Nov : 11:17
eloooo ppl have good day >-

09 Nov : 21:36
U turned into an old moaning and outdated being... But I love U

05 Nov : 23:05
Valve surerly can fuck even a perfect p2p with their pedo caches and frickin rules which noone can understand ... OMG

05 Nov : 23:04
lol I got 24 hour cooldowns for VOTING TO KICK A TEAMMATE - this is absurd!!!! Is this embedded within the game -call a vote - or what? Why a cooldown then?!!!!!!

01 Nov : 22:36
well fak em all

30 Oct : 12:10
valve put maps on rotation, sometimes to work on improving them, sometimes just so they dont get too boring.

29 Oct : 23:36
I really feel like I was gone for a decade or more...

29 Oct : 23:36
whats with this Valve controling maps cycle shit?

29 Oct : 23:35
and lol where is fricking Aztec???? I want to RUUUSH ZEEE BRIDGEEEEE

23 Oct : 19:44
lies you where awesome radeonboy!

15 Oct : 21:44
ahh crap - been out for a bit and now I am shit at game... not that I ever was good

07 Oct : 11:16

27 Sep : 09:27

24 Sep : 18:17
Diz sit on my face pls

Support us:
CZ TF2 Game server rules
Always do as instructed by admins

Admins can be contacted at the Report Player/Abuse or by mail at -mail-
or in game via "team_say @" followed by your message, or in console "amx_chat" followed by your message
if no admin is present on the server try contacting one in the IRC channel this is done ingame with "say #axia" followed by your message (note: IRC channel is down at the moment)

[b]Admin says[b]- Admin is always right! do not argue with admins in game - take it to our complaints section Cheats/Bans Player/Abuse anywhere else it will be ignored or deleted
were not here to make your life miserable and dont want to spend the little time we have online arguing with players who do not agree with the server rules

AFK - away from keyboard, The server automatically monitor inactivity and kicks idle users after a while

Guns The server automatically restrict the use of some weapons AWP/Autosniper

a.) If an admin ask you to change your weapon to a lesser model (most likely no AWP) do so as it's done to prevent you from dominating the server spoiling lesser players fun and thus emptying the server.
If you fail to do comply admins can slap slay kick and temporarily ban you as they see fit.

Teams - The server auto balance teams to the best match up making the game as even as possible. Do not swap teams let the server handle that.

Objectives - Try to accomplish the map objectives, the server slays the loosing side at the end of a round to enforce game play

Cooperate with your team, When on the attacking team spawn camping will not be tolerated and the player will be slapped slain kicked and banned in any order the admin sees fit

T's Always attempt to plant the bomb, protect the bomb when planted.
CT's Always attempt to rescue the hostages and protect the VIP ect.

FF/TK - Friendly fire is ON! The server has a 3 team kill limit 3 strikes and you are banned for one hour

Do NOT deliberately team kill if you do so you will be banned permanently at the admins discretion

Speech/Language - We strongly encourage use of microphone, but please make sure your microphone is working properly.

Speak English as much as possible but always when alive, you can speak your native language in moderation when dead.

Try keeping a decent and positive tone swearing is allowed in moderation but children do play on the server so please keep it to a minimum while minors are present

Please be tolerant to other nationalities

Racist and abusive behaviour will NOT be tolerated and will result in a ban.

do not play sound files over voice when alive, when dead the occasional fun clip is ok! Again in moderation.

Cheating cheating will result in a permanent ban, as will bug exploits that being map or client, this includes nade spamming, Russian walking and looking under floating boxes among other things.
Do not accuse people off cheating on the server if you believe/suspect someone is cheating notify an admin and/or go here Report Player/Abuse or mail us at -mail-

Accusations in game of cheating and so on may result in a ban on the accuser if he/she fails to follow admin command.

All cheaters will eventually get caught we have various tools installed on the server giving us possibility to catch those who do, different features to detect them will be added as admins see fit

Skill - we consider this to be a mid/high skill server and community, but there are also players new to the game, so if you dominate the server we strongly encourage you to please moderate your game play so you do not ruin the game for those less able and thus empty the server, try using a smaller gun for example.

Config - admins/server like all other HL servers have the possibility to modify the values of some variables in your local configuration, we strongly recommend that you save your config in read-only to avoid permanent changes. The Clubaxia admin team can't be held responsible for any permanent modification/damage done to your config

Rates - Rates are very individual, they should be set to match your connection etc. admin may ask you to change them, or change them for you, you are to follow the admins directions, if you change your rates back from what the admin says you will be kicked/banned
Server automatically set certain settings if these are changed this will also result in a kick/ban
The server is set to restrict rates to the following

Min/Max rate 16000-20000
Min/Max cl_updaterate 60-80
Min/Max cl_cmdrate 60-85

These rules are subject to change whenever admins see fit, effective immediately


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