12 Dec : 09:34
Who misses playing cs_winternights at this time of year ? -link-

05 Nov : 15:43
Ohhhh gaming laptop is it bod . You lucky thing

03 Nov : 06:25
Almost X-MAS Cliff! Looking forward to it?

07 Oct : 21:46
Who's, yours or Bods ?

29 Sep : 18:36
Old ticker still beating.

10 Sep : 09:13
guess who just acquired a lap top?
yeah b0
d lol, just hope it'll play cs of some kind through the telly

24 Aug : 08:16
Yeah it was fun, last night me super Mikey, plume and tapz played last night too.

16 Aug : 19:04
Still alive, still playing CS... We had a sort-of CZ reunion the other night - myself, Morphy, MaNa, W1LL, Tapz and Guru all played some Comp together...

13 Aug : 18:12
good to see some of you guys are still alive

12 Aug : 13:02
Yo Cliff

07 Aug : 12:23
Hi girls... >:D<

05 Aug : 22:34
Noooo... don't believe you !!! We'll be seeing Mana playing GO next !!!

14 Jul : 15:28
Just seen alpha on cs go!

08 Jul : 12:02
I play Hearts Online too, awesome game... you need reactions of lightning...

05 Jul : 13:08
Hey up!

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