22 Sep : 18:56
oi oi savaloy

22 Sep : 18:50
oi oi

20 Sep : 13:05
Always, when I smell your bo bod

15 Sep : 17:56
anyone else got a raging hard on?

15 Sep : 15:44
We certainly are dude

12 Sep : 12:42
arent we all

03 Sep : 10:22
Dyna you are such a nub. Poop

26 Aug : 18:33
b0d invented time....

17 Aug : 14:46
Did get too close to Morph ??

06 Aug : 23:53
My socks are melting!!!

11 Jul : 21:09
Aye bod is AS old as time it self

02 Jun : 20:04
Less of the ‘old’ you... I’ll have you know Bod is far older than me !

26 May : 12:00
not much you old man

17 May : 13:51
Sooo... wassup people ?

10 Mar : 11:06
just got my steam account back poxy old emails lol

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Should your Mobile loose part of its touch pad/face do this.

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Mon Aug 07 2017, 12:30:51 Print View
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I watched a guy on youtube, no its not rude !!

He had lost part of the touch pad like mine and you could not type some letters or scroll down a page from one small part of the face.

This guy took his mobile to the gas hob and took the centre gas bit out leaving the electrical lighting bit sticking out.

He then lined up the part that was not working on the face with the sparking part of the gass hob. And fired it at the face. OMG it worked a treat, was going to buy another mobile, but tried this as a last resort and bingo all back working about that then... !

It works the same with a lighter if you dont have a gass hob.. !


Regards Cliff

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Sat Aug 12 2017, 13:04:10
Yoda Is Teh Daddeh

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Cool I wonder if it works on a 22" touch monitor
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