11 Nov : 12:01
yo noonie

11 Nov : 11:17
eloooo ppl have good day >-

09 Nov : 21:36
U turned into an old moaning and outdated being... But I love U

05 Nov : 23:05
Valve surerly can fuck even a perfect p2p with their pedo caches and frickin rules which noone can understand ... OMG

05 Nov : 23:04
lol I got 24 hour cooldowns for VOTING TO KICK A TEAMMATE - this is absurd!!!! Is this embedded within the game -call a vote - or what? Why a cooldown then?!!!!!!

01 Nov : 22:36
well fak em all

30 Oct : 12:10
valve put maps on rotation, sometimes to work on improving them, sometimes just so they dont get too boring.

29 Oct : 23:36
I really feel like I was gone for a decade or more...

29 Oct : 23:36
whats with this Valve controling maps cycle shit?

29 Oct : 23:35
and lol where is fricking Aztec???? I want to RUUUSH ZEEE BRIDGEEEEE

23 Oct : 19:44
lies you where awesome radeonboy!

15 Oct : 21:44
ahh crap - been out for a bit and now I am shit at game... not that I ever was good

07 Oct : 11:16

27 Sep : 09:27

24 Sep : 18:17
Diz sit on my face pls

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Why does using CCleaner always give me VAC errors

Author Post
Fri Jul 29 2016, 09:23:04 Print View
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CCleaner and VAC
why does using CCleaner always give me VAC errors? it never use to do this before. but every time i load up CCleaner and decide to use it, then load up CSGO. i always get kicked by VAC for an Authentication Error.

i know i can just not use CCleaner but it's a very valueable tool to me. so i have it uninstalled at the moment and there aren't anymore errors. just curious why does CCleaner cause such an effect? all it does is fix your registry and clean some files.
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ReBoot 29 May @ 11:03pm
Because Piriform seem to have no idea about hoe Steam works and/or simply find it funny to dig around in the Steam folder. CCleaner deletes files used by Steam.

KripTed 29 May @ 11:09pm
Originally posted by ReBoot:
Because Piriform seem to have no idea about hoe Steam works and/or simply find it funny to dig around in the Steam folder. CCleaner deletes files used by Steam.

i see, so how come it still does it even when the Steam option is unchecked?

ReBoot 29 May @ 11:12pm
Well, first, AFAIK its registry "cleaner" doesn't care about that and second, Piriform are amateurs.

So sorted now Deleted CCleaner.... was a good program though !!

Regards Cliff

[ Edited Fri Jul 29 2016, 09:23:51 ]
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Mon Aug 01 2016, 10:08:18
It's all skipping!

Joined: Wed Nov 01 2006, 15:37:16
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I've never had a problem with CCleaner (great program IMO), but I haven't played a Steam game for an age, so I'm no help
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Mon Aug 08 2016, 17:02:14
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do you use it for cleaning up temp files or 'fixing' registry entries?

This is good alternative for cleaning files: -link-

The reg entries thing is a load of shit anyway tbh.

[ Edited Mon Aug 08 2016, 17:08:57 ]
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