30 Jan : 23:13

01 Jan : 01:24
“Lads =D>

01 Jan : 01:24
Happy newyear Lada and ladys

26 Dec : 10:20
Merry Xmas all

25 Dec : 10:20
Merry xmas all!!!

24 Dec : 22:16
Happy Xmas all Axians

24 Dec : 19:14
Happy Christmas.

23 Dec : 23:54
Happy Xmas!! -link-

22 Dec : 08:50
too cold for the pool

19 Dec : 22:36
Oh yes... But I miss Poolday even more...

12 Dec : 09:34
Who misses playing cs_winternights at this time of year ? -link-

05 Nov : 15:43
Ohhhh gaming laptop is it bod . You lucky thing

03 Nov : 06:25
Almost X-MAS Cliff! Looking forward to it?

07 Oct : 21:46
Who's, yours or Bods ?

29 Sep : 18:36
Old ticker still beating.

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Windows 10 any idea what it's like good or bad !!

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Author Post
Sun Nov 22 2015, 23:10:36
Registered Member #32
Joined: Fri Nov 03 2006, 23:36:39
Posts: 361
BTW The game runs fine at this time but still have issues like one new huntsman box keeps popping up sayiing new item won but won't go into my inventry box when I click on it heh... maybe it has a huge goat in it and no guns?

I have no idea what this is on about...

Unknown command "cl_thirdperson"
Unknown command "tr_best_course_time"
Unknown command "tr_completed_training"
Unknown command "weapon_accuracy_logging"
Unknown command "cl_teamid_min"
Unknown command "cl_teamid_max"

[ Edited Sun Nov 22 2015, 23:14:26 ]
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Mon Nov 23 2015, 09:22:55

Joined: Wed Dec 19 2012, 14:25:07
Posts: 205
Cliffy, just uninstall and reinstall steam and csgo.

By the time you have found the problem or problems you could've already wiped and started again from a nice fresh install.

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Mon Nov 23 2015, 15:49:24
Registered Member #32
Joined: Fri Nov 03 2006, 23:36:39
Posts: 361
Hi Dyna,

I did the uninstall and re-install about 4 times now heh.

Steam was the main problem did the re-install stuff and cleared the problem. But it was a combo of steam and write protected main disc. that proved to be a bugger, it curupted the install each time but showed a good validation untill I rebooted? Kin hate comps.

Now all sorted and Backed up a ghost copy so it fingersX it wont happen again.

Don't you just luv Comps/steam, many thanks for all your help guys.. Just don't tell me off when I shoot your faces off?

Have not had a problem in the past 36 hrs XXXXX and can run CCleaner and spybot with out any steam problem.

All in all I think its all your faults for making me enjoy the games/clubaxia so much ...... lol CU in game guys..

[ Edited Mon Nov 23 2015, 16:02:34 ]
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Mon Nov 30 2015, 16:24:31
Registered Member #15
Joined: Tue Jul 25 2006, 00:45:20
Posts: 694
how often do you run spybot and ccleaner?

I only run stuff like that every 6 months or so and it usually finds nothing anyway.
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