11 Nov : 12:01
yo noonie

11 Nov : 11:17
eloooo ppl have good day >-

09 Nov : 21:36
U turned into an old moaning and outdated being... But I love U

05 Nov : 23:05
Valve surerly can fuck even a perfect p2p with their pedo caches and frickin rules which noone can understand ... OMG

05 Nov : 23:04
lol I got 24 hour cooldowns for VOTING TO KICK A TEAMMATE - this is absurd!!!! Is this embedded within the game -call a vote - or what? Why a cooldown then?!!!!!!

01 Nov : 22:36
well fak em all

30 Oct : 12:10
valve put maps on rotation, sometimes to work on improving them, sometimes just so they dont get too boring.

29 Oct : 23:36
I really feel like I was gone for a decade or more...

29 Oct : 23:36
whats with this Valve controling maps cycle shit?

29 Oct : 23:35
and lol where is fricking Aztec???? I want to RUUUSH ZEEE BRIDGEEEEE

23 Oct : 19:44
lies you where awesome radeonboy!

15 Oct : 21:44
ahh crap - been out for a bit and now I am shit at game... not that I ever was good

07 Oct : 11:16

27 Sep : 09:27

24 Sep : 18:17
Diz sit on my face pls

Support us:
Welcome fellow axians
Welcome to the ClubAxia forum. Feel free to browse but you will need to register to post messages here.

Contact admins : cs

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Don't forget our Facebook page: Clubaxia
There's also a Steam Group: Clubaxia

Clubaxia Servers Closing
The ClubAxia game severs will be closing on the 26th August 2015.

Axia/ClubAxia have been running CS servers since the early days of CS. In the past 15 years we have made many friends and built a community around a shared gaming vision of community team play, inclusiveness and fairness.

I'm proud to have been a part of that and thank you all for being a part of it too.

This website will remain up and active, so we won't be gone completely.

We have decided to shut the server as very few players play CZ and we see very few players here. If you still play CZ then H.M.P still have their servers up and still have a lively community going. A big hat tip to them and I hope they keep going for a very long time.

Thanks again to all of you who make Axia such a great place to game. Lastly, a big thanks to the Admins who put their gaming second to ensure we had the best place to play CZ on the net.

Cosmic out.
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